Greek chorus teaches 1ESO a lesson!

Students from 1ESOC triumph in the 1ESO Greek theatre grand final!

During the last unit, the students of 1ESO have been learning about Greek theatre, focusing on Greek chorus and its ability to reach out to its audience. In small groups the students chose a topic that they wished their peers to reflect upon and created a Greek chorus performance. They first had to produce a short text and then transform it into a dynamic performance to capture the attention of their audience. Topics included bullying, keeping the classroom organised, accepting differences, combatting laziness, dependance on technology, helping others living in poverty, teamwork and cooperation and the topic of the winning team R.E.S.P.E.C.T! The best chorus from each class was chosen by the students themselves and the winning groups  participated in the grand final. It was a very enjoyable moment shared together by both students and teachers and a perfect time to reflect on isssues that surround us and how we can do our bit to help.

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  1. Carles dijo:

    Congatulations to 1ESO C

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