An impressive performance from our talented students!

The students of 2C did the school proud with their performance for the fourth annual Trinity Shakespeare competition. They came up against very strong competition but their version of ´A Midsummer Night´s Dream´ earned them an excellent second place .

Selected from entries across Catalunya, the students of 2C represented SEK Catalunya as one of three schools invited to the grand final of the annual Shakespeare competition organised by Trinity College London. The final took place on Tuesday 21 April at La Farinera de Clot, Barcelona. The students performed alongside INS Joanot Martorell (Esplugues de Llobregat) and Cor de Maria (Mataró, Barcelona)for a board of judges from Trinity College. The final decision was based on a variety of critera including level of English and interpretation of the play.

After weeks of preparation the students were nervous and anxious to perform but their nerves did not show onstage. Parents were invited to the competition and we were delighted to receive such warm support. Throughout the whole project the students have shown great commitment, teamwork and creativity. They have been a pleasure to work with and their version of this magical play was a credit to all their hard work. Congratulations!

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