On Tuesday, 10th February, First of ESO had the perfect opportunity to consolidate work done in class on pre-history whilst saying “Hello” to their ancestors.

An excursion to Les Coves del Toll near Vic proved an extremely informative and enjoyable day out for all. A thin blanket of snow near the entrance to the caves proved far too tempting for most of the students (and one or two of the teachers!) and a Neolithic snowball fight quickly ensued. Then it was off to explore the mysteries of the caves or to take part in a workshop to discover more about how our ancestors lived. The latter enabled the students to make wooden toys and hand paint them as well to see how fire was made. All of this was clearly explained by one of the guides inside an authentic pre-historic dwelling.

But it was the caves that stimulated the greatest interest. As we went deeper inside, being careful not to bang heads on the damp low-hanging roof and mindful of the narrow fissures in the rock, our guide provided us with information about the history of the caves and the people who lived there. Or rather, the animals that lived there. We were fascinated to learn that they were once the home of bears-the skeleton of one can be seen in the nearby museum-and this knowledge certainly made the tour of the caves more atmospheric.

A brief tour of the museum was followed by a bite to eat in a picturesque local park before boarding the bus for the trip back to school. Despite being covered in mud the children were in high spirits when we arrived back at school and many expressed a desire to go back with their families. Having just met their long lost ancestors, it was only fitting!

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