1 &2 ESO Photos in the Science Lab

 1 ESO learning about  Acids and Alkali’s during a Lab.

  The Class were investigating how to detect  acids and alkalis using various indicators on household substances .They then went on to learn about the pH scale . We then made our own Indicator using the juice of a Red Cabbage ,which we ground down and filtered.

               We used this juice on the same household substances and made our own pH Scale to test for Acids/Alkali’s  The class were astonished that we could use this .It was great fun to do.

DSC_0427      DSC_0433

– ​2 ESO – Active learning Class on specialised Cells 

Here 2 ESO are working on structure and function of specialised cells during an active workshop. Their knowledge will then be tested during a quiz session .

Depth of understanding and consolidation of knowledge will be demonstrated on research into stem cells .

DSC_0417    DSC_0414

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