Throwing away those scripts!

On Friday 6th February, students from 1st and 4th of ESO had the opportunity to try out their improvising skills with a special guest to the school.

Noah Levin from Barcelona Improv Group (B.I.G) came to give an improvisation workshop to the students during their Drama class. In Drama,the students of 4ESO are currently looking at improvisation where scenes are created onstage based on suggestions from the audience. Anything goes, but the rule is no planning and no script to follow! Noah came along to share his experience and skills with the students. Through games and activities, the students worked on their group creativity and agreement skills, two important elements of improvisation.

On 19th February the students of 4ESO are going to watch a private performance from the B.I.G team in Barcelona. Of course, not even the actors know what we will see onstage but we are sure it will be a lot of fun!


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