Fingers crossed for 2ESO!

Students of 2C wait impatiently to hear if they are through to the final of the 4th annual Trinity Shakespeare competition! 

 The competition invites schools from across Catalunya to send a ten minute video of a performance from a Shakespeare play. From the entries received, three schools are selected to perform in a final in Barcelona in April. This year the competition is based on the play `A Midsummer Night´s Dream.´ In Drama the students of 2ESO studied the play and the three groups produced their own version, focusing not only on acting but also costume and stage design. As only one entry can be sent per school, we were left with the difficult decision of which of the three very talented groups of 2ESO to choose. 

 We decided to hold our own theatre competition here in the school to decide. The day of the final performance was a day full of nerves as all groups were keen to have the opportunity to perform in the final in Barcelona.  Last year students of 3A went on to win the final and loved the experience. On the day of our school final, there was a  high level shown by all three groups but based on the criteria set by Trinity, a team of judges  which included the Director, the Coordinator for 1st cycle, the Head of the English Department and the Music teacher decided on the version of 2C. But all the hard work did not go to waste, the students of 2B went on to show their work on the Open Day before Christmas and 2A did a special performance for students of primary who are also studying the play.

 All students showed excellent team spirit and took advantage of  the opportunity to showcase their creative talents.

We will hear in February if the students of 2C have passed through to the final…so fingers crossed until then!


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