TUNNEL of TERROR: A scary outing!

Halloween was celebrated in style again this year, as the Tunnel of Terror returned to SEK Catalunya!

As a interdisciplinary unit between Art and Drama, the students of 4ESO transformed the Drama classroom into a village of terror for this special event. Based on the ideas of the students, the space was divided into different areas of a village, each with their own characters and spooky happenings.

Throughout the day, groups of students from 5EP up to 2 BAT were lead through this haunted village by their trusted guides. It was clear to see who are our bravest students in the school!

The students of 4ESO worked extremely hard during the preparation of the event and produced impressive results.   They sustained their team efforts throughout the day and their hard work paid off. The event was enjoyed by all and the terrified screams still hang in the walls! Hopefully the zombies will stay locked away until next year….

Laura Baker

Drama Teacher

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