Last Wenesday 24th September,  the students of First of ESO were treated to a presentation on the size of the Universe by the father of ESO1 student Josep Pena. The Solar System was the first topic the students studied in Social Science and it was with great pleasure, and some surprise to learn that Josep’s father ( also Josep) is a professional phyisicist!

The students were thrilled at the opportunity to learn more from an expert about a subject we had studied in class and were equally impressed to see telescopes at first hand. Señor Pena spoke for an hour and then answered a range of questions from the students before finishing by telling them that what we know about the Universe is interesting, but what we don’t know about the Universe is fascinating.

 If you want to find out more go to:The Guardian/How big is the Universe? Video

And «fascinating» is an apt description of his presentation!

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