Filmstars for the day!

DSC04854 DSC04855 DSC04856 DSC04857 DSC04858 DSC04859 DSC04860 DSC04861 DSC04862 DSC04863The students of 1ESOB took part in a very special project last week combining Natural Sciences and Drama.

As part of the national project ´La Red Secreta de Las Neuronas´ the students combined their knowledge and skills in Science and Drama to prepare a performance about the functions and parts of the brain. The students prepared their ideas and practiced their roles in their classes leading up to the arrival of Andrea with her professional filming equipment.

Andrea works for a combined project with UNIR and Teatro Chejov to bring science to life through drama. She spent the morning with the students filming scenes which will now be edited by a professional team.

The students worked extremely hard and learnt a lot about the filming process and especially about how difficult and tiring the role of a professional actor can be!

We are very excited to see the results and will post the finished video as soon as we have it. Watch this space!

To find out more about the project visit the website

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  1. Julia Oliveras dijo:

    Felicidades!!!! Una excelente actividad.

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