Shakespeare comes to SEK Catalunya!

266Shakespeare…but not as we know it!

On Wednesday 30th October, ´The Pocket Oxford Theatre Company,´ came to the school to present their version of Shakespeare´s comedy ´Much Ado About Nothing´. But with just two actors and a host of characters to play, they called upon the talent of our very own students to help them onstage. Randomly picked from the audience of students from 1st,2nd and 3rd of ESO, our six willing volunteers did us all proud.The volunteers included from 1ESO: Maria Galan Barreiro, Salva Garcia Soler, Carles Rodriguez Fite and Albert Madurell Gomez, from 2ESO: Ines Nieto De Salvador and from 3ESO: Elvira Vargas.

The students have been studying the play in Drama and know the story and the characters well but the company presented us wth many surprises. We were kept entertained with endless costume changes, music from all genres, dancing, gymnastics, jokes and of course lots of interaction with the audience. Our students helped the professionals to truly bring the play to life and make it an unforgettable experience for all.

The students from 2nd of ESO are now preparing their own version of scenes from the play to enter into the annual Trinity College London Shakespeare competition. Inspired by the dynamic performance of the company, we hope to continue the previous success of SEK Catalunya in the competition. Wish us luck!!

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